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What's it really about?

More of us are seeing how our ways of thinking, our mental models do not serve the well being of our families, organizations, communites and the web of life on our planet. The more we try to solve our problems with the same level of consciousness, the more complicated they become.

No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.

- Albert Einstein

More of us are ready to let go of ways that are not serving anymore. Ways that keep us blind to the deeper dimensions of life within and around us. Ways that keep us disconnected from our inner knowing, our feminine wisdom and the ways of our ancestors. More of us are ready to find new ways of living, in the service of the well being of the whole planet.

Dance of Unity is an invitation to the journey of maturity. An inner-journey from where we are, towards new worlds longing to be discovered. From the narrative of separation, the root of our sufferings, into the unknown space in-between worlds. A journey from the stories that disconnect us from our most inner truth, keeping us blind to our inter-connectedness with all life, towards new possibilities. What other worlds are waiting for us to be discovered? What else could be possible, once we realise our oneness with all life?

Aside from feeling invited, there are basic guidelines, navigational skills and practices that make the inner-journey of maturity more easeful. Dance of Unity offers safe spaces, practice grounds, to develop these capacities.

5 elements of maturity

5 Elements of Maturity

These five elements are highly inter-connected, presented separately. They are five faces of one process.

about Kamyar

Kamyar Houbakht

Kamyar HoubakhtI have been curious about the inner dimension of things since early childhood. The first step I took with my toys was breaking them apart to discover what's hidden inside Later on life took me on diverse paths, teaching me different aspects of exploring and navigating the inner world. So far I have learned that my life is about:

Extending an invitation to myself and others, to discover more of the inner life. To open the inner eye, as Sufis call it Cheshme-Del; the eye of the heart.

چشم دل باز کن کآن بینی | آنچه نادیدنی است آن بینی

To collectively explore ways of navigation and guiding through the inner journeys, with playfulness and a sense of wonder. I don't approach these journeys with an expert's attitude, but more of a kitten's attitude, to be honest!

My way of guiding is based on trusting the moment, deep listening, and improvising by fusing multiple new sciences with the ancient wisdom. The sources that inspire me the most are the ways of my great grand parents, Sufi wisdom & poetry, Eshragh Philosophy, Tao, Sarah Whiteley (Subtle Arts of Conscious Evolution), Jungian psychology, quantum physics, Living Wholeness (Systemic Transformation), Amy & Arnold Mindell's Processwork, Marion Woodman (Embracing the Feminine), Robert Moore (Mature Masculine Archetypes), Spiral Dynamics & Integral Theory, Theory U, Art of Hosting, and many more... Almost forgot the main ones: Horses, Dragons & Kittens.

Soul Reflections

Soul Reflections


Sarah Whiteley

Sarah is author, mentor and host at Subtle Arts of Conscious Evolution

Kamyar has a unique gift of listening to and reflecting the essence of the soul. With presence, stillness and a kind heart, he allows all that is being held at depth to be shared in right timing - shedding light on the sacred unseen, that is ready and wishing to become visible.


Linda Joy Mitchell

Linda is a dialogue facilitator, a coach and process designer at Authentic Conversations

The main experience I have with Kamyar is of feeling totally accepted at all times, that what ever is going on for me is welcomed and held and not judged. He has an incredible ability to just be with what is, to take it in and simply sit with it. Sitting with him is like sitting beside a cool deep pond of water on a spring day, just being and enjoying the experience, not needing to do anything except maybe to go a bit deeper, a bit deeper still.


Hala Makarem

Hala is the founder and curator of n Community Creativity in Beirut

Kamyar holds the subtle realms in the field, with genuine care offering his gift of sincere attention to each individual, in person, in the space. Kamyar's deep listening skills opens up an authentic safe environment of trust which empowers individuals to come into their actions from their heart. Kamyar's understanding of human relations, brings his down to earth lens while staying tuned to the energies of the whole. In Kamyar's presence, one feels safe and moved to enter the depth of one's Self.


Aydin Habibi

Aydin is founder and curator of Musicaneh, and a dialogue host

While thinking about Kamyar, two words pops-up: deep listening and feeling precious. The way he listens to people is unique, powerful and very essential in a dialogue. It feels so good to sit with him and have a conversation after a day of having monologues with others. He lets others to experience the preciousness within.


Bora Sari

Bora is a trainer and management consultant in Turkey

Kim olduğunu anlamanda, Anlam kazanmanda, Minnet duymanda, duyurmada, Yanında olmanda, olmasında, Aklın âlâ yolunu keşfetmende, Rahle gibi alıştığın desteğinde...
Her konuda, hemen ve her yerde, Olmak duygusunun tadında, Ulaşmak istediğin noktada, Birliğin ve beraberliğin içinde, Anlamak için en etkin dinleyişiyle, Keşfetmenin doyumunda, Hakkını vermenin sorumluluğunda, Tam da istediğin olmasında... Seninledir...


Ozgur Onal

Ozgur is a visual artist, art-healer and story teller in Turkey. Ozgur Onal

Kamyar is a magician who has many abilities to open a safe space with great compassion and neutrality. Actually he is much more than a good listener. He is a natural-born healer by his essence and a mirror which reflects your essence back to you when you talk to him. It's really difficult to tell more by words about him. So why not meet him and see by yourself and for yourself.


Susan Bainter Baghdadi

Susan is a master coach at Alchemy of Life and a TRE trainer

Kamyar has the sword that cuts through all the crap for you, lovingly. When we get the chance to connect, I always feel much more clear after spending some time in his space.


Ekaterina Khaletskaya

Ekaterina is an international mobility and education professional, Entrepreneur and Co-Founder of Hub Moscow

I know I can bring the most disturbing issue, and Kamyar will listen to me with full attention and genuine interest. He would ask me a question that helps me explore a new dimension of things. And he would friendly remind me of who I really am and what I could do for the world. Our open conversations bring me so much energy! This is what every human being is longing for: to be genuinely asked, to be heard, to be taken for his or her best self.


Lucy White

Lucy is a group facilitation and graphic harvesting artist at Pegasus Dreaming

Kamyar has been a great friend and teacher for me since the moment we met. The clarity of his reflection and his talent for seeing and gently bringing awareness to the core beauty of the soul of the other is a blessing to all he meets. His playful, passionate and deeply tender dance with all aspects of himself and their manifestations in the world around him is an inspiration to witness. See this man with a kitten and know that he will cradle, tickle and lovingly tussle with your soul in the same way.